How to Look Out for Your New Veneers

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Cosmetic veneers provide a number of advantages for people desiring a bright smile. When you see cracks, gaps, or yellowing, veneers could help transform your teeth. Since veneers are placed onto your enamel, you may have to follow a couple of extra steps to attain a lovely smile and make sure that your results endure. Our professionals at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX desire to give informative tips that let you practice excellent dental habits. We advise you to read through our five tips about taking care of your veneers or reach out to our facility in Spring, TX to learn more.

Practice a good oral routine

Cleaning your veneers is very much like cleaning your regular teeth. Following every meal (or two times a day), you should brush your teeth and floss. Even though veneers are placed over your native teeth, you still need to maintain proper oral care approaches to discourage decay. During your appointment, we will discuss the best flossing and brushing methods for your veneers to ensure that bacteria does not accumulate between your gums. Spring, TX patients also have to attend regular professional cleanings and screenings.

Get a gentle toothbrush, as well as a non-stripping toothpaste

If brushing your enamel, along with your veneers, you have to use a handheld or electric toothbrush that has gentle bristles. Also, we advise abandoning different kinds of toothpaste that use intense ingredients, like baking soda and whitening products. Whitening products can lead your veneers to appear different from the remainder of your teeth. When you first receive your veneers, our team will carefully select the shade to blend with your teeth. As a result of this, patients often undergo a lightening treatment at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX so their smile appears more glowing.

Don't choose certain foods

A wonderful quality of veneers is that you can select drinks that tend to affect the teeth, including tea, energy drinks, juice, or coffee. You could also eat yummy foods, such as dark fruits, candy, and sauces, without affecting your enamel. However, you must resist chewing on ice and other crunchy food items, which can fracture the veneer.

Acquire an oral appliance

In the event that you grind or clench your teeth during the day or night, your veneers might fracture. To avoid the negative consequences of teeth grinding (bruxism), you may need a mouth guard. A mouth guard could help defend your enamel and veneers from the uncomfortable side effects of teeth clenching. Our Spring, TX team will provide beneficial info when it comes to selecting the ideal mouth guard for you.

Book your comprehensive oral examination and cleaning

A critical part of taking care of your porcelain veneers is to attend twice-yearly cleanings and yearly exams at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX. Having clean teeth is necessary for your dental health because it decreases tartar and prevents cavities. Our Spring, TX professionals have helped several people with their new dental veneers. When you require a professional teeth cleaning, or if you strive to learn more about caring for your veneers, book an appointment.

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