A Wisdom Tooth Removal Is Often The Only Way To Relieve Dental Pain

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wisdom tooth extraction

Often offered for people in Spring, TX, wisdom tooth (otherwise known as third molar) extraction surgery may be done for a number of reasons. The third molars commonly emerge from the gum tissues throughout the teen years. As soon as we have conducted a detailed oral examination at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX, our qualified staff can decide when you need your wisdom teeth removed.

Various reasons may lead to the need for wisdom tooth extraction. Some of these consist of: impacted teeth, an abscess, gum disease, or wisdom teeth erupting at the wrong angle. Typically, a wisdom tooth without the room to come in will lead to impaction. This might cause pain, an abscess, and other dental wellness problems, while increasing your odds of getting an abscess. In extreme situations, a bump can form around unerupted wisdom teeth, leading to trauma to the bone or nerves.

If wisdom teeth grow in at an incorrect angle, this might lead to them pushing on different teeth and shifting them out of their usual positions. This will hurt neighboring teeth and jaw, as well as result in bite issues. Likewise, our jawbone might not have the area for the teeth. Whether it will prevent future dental health conditions, require immediate wisdom tooth removal, or when you simply need to reduce the pain you’re already enduring, wisdom tooth extraction is a highly performed treatment that our skilled team often provides for Spring, TX individuals.

The highly trained dental team at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX can perform wisdom tooth extraction surgery conveniently at our office. Based on your oral wellness, you may only receive local anesthesia for your surgery; meanwhile, those who might have two or more wisdom teeth extracted at the same time can receive general anesthesia. Once you're numb, the gums near the extraction area are separated. If bone is preventing access to the root of the tooth, this is taken away. When the wisdom tooth is seriously impacted, it can be separated into pieces so it’s easier to extract. The site is then thoroughly cleared of any infectious tissue. When the tooth extraction is done, the area is sealed. Gauze is applied on top of the removal site to decrease bleeding and foster recovery.

Typically, individuals might have some bleeding at the removal area. This might be controlled by delicately putting pressure on gauze patches. Recovery following wisdom tooth surgery may take roughly, depending on your situation, a few days to many weeks. Irritation can also be reduced by holding an ice pack on the area. Once day two of recovery starts, you may start to introduce warming relief alternatives to alleviate pain.

Throughout the first day following the procedure, it’s essential to not remove any blood clots that should form. Clots occur at the areas where the teeth were removed. These clots are an integral aspect of the recovery stages, as they put an end to excessive bleeding, shield the area from infection and exposed bones, and let new tissue grow correctly. Steer clear of oral rinses, brushing near the extraction region, drinking warm liquids, consuming meals that demand using the teeth, using straws, and tobacco products for at least 24 hours.

Call us to find out more about your extraction alternatives if tooth pain is affecting your dental health. Our dental professionals at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX could learn if you need to have your wisdom teeth removed. Our staff uses the latest technology and methods to identify the cause of your tooth discomfort. Maintain the look of your teeth and quality of your oral wellness today when you call for a checkup at our Spring, TX practice.

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