Arrange a Back-to-School Oral Checkup for Children

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Dental exams are important for children, as can consume sugary snacks and drinks and might not generally have the most consistent cleaning techniques. Additionally, a back-to-school dental exam could help defend against problems before they arise. The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) asserts that over 50% of children between 6 and 8 years old have experienced a cavity in their baby teeth. But that number is even increased for teenagers aged 12 to 19. By coming in for a back-to-school oral exam, our knowledgeable team will locate and take care of these issues before they cause further damage. Get in touch with our team at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX in Spring, TX before the school year starts.

Things our professionals can identify

Our compassionate, experienced team will first discuss your kid's overall history and talk about any issues that might be leading to discomfort. From there, they'll offer a detailed evaluation for a number of harmful oral concerns. They will then figure out the health of your gums and the possibility of gum disease. We will also examine the condition of every tooth to diagnose any decay or structural concerns like cracks.

Our dentists will also use a "bigger picture" perspective, assessing your teeth and gums to create proper oral alignment, spacing between teeth, and optimal jawbone function. Also, when desired, we will take a series of detailed x-rays to detect any hard-to-find problems in areas between and near the roots of your teeth.

Reasons why it's necessary to bring your child in for a back-to-school dental assessment

Dental decay is among the most common health problems for children of different ages. When left ignored, it might indicate the start of more dangerous problems later on. Our dentists will evaluate the health of your child's teeth to verify that your oral structures are progressing normally to produce a confidence-boosting smile and proper tooth spacing and jaw alignment. Additionally, enamel decay can occur and worsen very quickly and typically without exhibiting any obvious symptoms. Therefore, these regular appointments are necessary to reduce discomfort, problems eating, and talking problems in the future. When you bring your little one to our office for a back-to-school checkup, our top-notch dentists can also provide other worthwhile treatments, such as a dental cleaning.

Don't dawdle, call for an exam today and shake off the hassle

A well child or teen is likelier to feel giddier, more confident, better about their studies, and less likely to avoid school. To get a better present and future for your kids, beat the school time rush and reach out to our team at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX in Spring, TX.

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