The Correlation Between What You're Eating and Your Oral Health

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food and dental health

Most people understand that a healthy diet is critical for overall health. But were you aware that it's crucial for your oral health too? Lacking nutrition might cause many issues for your enamel and gums. If you strive to have a bright smile for life, Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX can present you with helpful information about what you eat and its connection to oral health so you can prevent potential issues, including gum disease or missing teeth. You might know that consuming a lot of foods high in sugar could cause the teeth to wear down or fall out; however, there are numerous other foods and drinks people need to consume carefully. To learn more or to book your next dental assessment, contact our facility in Spring, TX.

What are the most damaging foods for healthy teeth?

The professionals at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX strive to share facts so you will make the correct decisions for your dental health. As evidenced by acclaimed studies, the most dangerous kinds of food for the teeth are:

  • Foods that are high in sugar
  • Drinks with carbonation
  • Citrus (including limes, lemons, grapefruits, and oranges)
  • Foods that are high in starch (such as potatoes, corn, and beans)

However, you do not have to avoid these foods altogether. Instead of that, we recommend opting for items from this list sparsely and replacing them with better options whenever possible.

What are the most appropriate foods for healthy teeth?

In order to opt for foods that promote excellent dental health, we advise starting with a wide range of meals from different food groups, like fruits and veggies, dairy, grains, and lean meats. Each of these food groups give minerals and nutrients that serve to nourish the body and promote healthy teeth. If you are not sure how to develop a clean diet, call your GP or a knowledgeable nutritionist in Spring, TX. They may be able to create a nutritional plan that suits your unique needs.

Munching on fruits and veggies stimulates saliva that washes away harmful bacteria and buildup. Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX urges patients to begin with dark leafy greens, including spinach and kale. These vegetables are full of vitamin C and calcium that work to fight gum disease and defend tooth enamel.

Drink a lot of water

Another method to boost your dental health is to consider the things you drink. Water clears out the mouth, reducing bacteria and food particles in between the teeth. Additionally, water dilutes any acid that might destroy your enamel. If paired with routine brushing, fluoridated water might also make healthy teeth more resistant to bacteria that lead to tooth decay. If you're thinking about discovering the ways to incorporate fluoride applications into your dental health regimen, call our Spring, TX staff. Our team advises receiving fluoride treatments two times per year, frequently after a thorough cleaning and evaluation.

Find out more information when it comes to the link between food and dental health

All the things you consume has an impact on your enamel and gums; this is why it's critical to see your dentist biannually. Dental practitioners are the only professionals who possess the know-how to fix your dental health needs. At Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX, we work hard to educate people and give them efficient dental procedures in a comfortable environment. In addition, we offer several dental services to address different issues. To find out more about the relationship between food and dental health, call our team and book a dental examination in Spring, TX.

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