Can You Experience Tooth Decay With Porcelain Veneers?

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cavities and veneers

Our Spring, TX staff at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX uses cosmetic veneers to revamp their patients’ smiles in Spring, TX. Veneers are thin coverings of porcelain that stick to the external-facing section of the client's teeth. Our team can utilize these veneers to create noticeable enhancements to construct an aesthetically pleasing, natural-looking smile. Our veneers are customized for each patient to mimic their original teeth and to change the color, shape, size, or length of the patient's teeth. During your first evaluation, we can evaluate your gums and teeth extensively to determine if you’re eligible for veneers.

Ways tooth decay can develop

Buildup that stays on the teeth can accumulate both above and under the gums, which is more challenging to remove. When buildup is not dealt with, it reduces structures in the external enamel. The erosion will generate tiny holes or inlets, which is an early marker of tooth decay.

If the enamel comes off, acids and bacteria can make it to the next layer of the tooth known as the dentin, which is more susceptible to damage than the enamel. The dentin has direct connection to the nerve tissue of a tooth, which can lead to increased susceptibility to damage. A client sees that there’s something wrong, when this occurs.

What are the chances you would receive tooth decay when you have cosmetic veneers?

Improperly fixed veneers can cause teeth to be susceptible to break down, in particular because a section of your teeth's enamel is shaved off to make room for their installation. A number of individuals might take medicines that promote dry mouth, or they could suffer from a compromised immune defense, which elevates their propensity for tooth decay or infection. Generally, a number of people who have cavities beneath veneers could possibly not have been top-tier patients to begin with. Patients with advancing gum disease or tooth decay are more prone to receive decay after having veneers.

Making your veneers last

The easiest solution for you to avoid tooth decay secured with a veneer is through an efficient oral care system. Having comprehensive oral consultations and routine dental cleanings help ensure that your dental health stays at its best. Treating your teeth with veneers with the same method that you maintain the other areas of your mouth is vital for your veneers and total dental wellness.

How to treat a cavity

At Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX in Spring, TX, our talented team utilizes tooth-colored fillings to plug them. Cavities can be found while getting a comprehensive dental assessment. Tooth-colored fillings will, furthermore, repair fractured or broken teeth. Since the fillings are constructed from composite resin, they can smoothly match the client's existing tooth shade. Tooth-colored fillings are natural-looking and enable you to bolster your smile. With excellent cleaning, these dental fillings may remain intact for a very long time.

Learn how to maintain teeth after receiving veneers

After getting veneers to elevate your smile in Spring, TX, it’s important to take proper care of your veneers. Cavities might show up in any patient, but they don’t have to damage the appearance of your smile. For clients who have veneers, our staff at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX recommend regular oral exams and professional cleanings. An at-home dental care routine also protects your veneers and keeps your gums and teeth staying their healthiest.

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