Don't Let Halloween Treats Trick You Out of Good Dental Habits

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Halloween is an exciting time for all ages and paves the way through the rest of the holiday season. Although Halloween treats are a great way to pass the time and keep the kids happy, don’t let all the sugar distract you from keeping your families’ smiles clean and strong. At Made Ya Smile Dental Rayford, our team of dentists work with patients throughout Spring, TX to provide optimal preventive dental care as well as cosmetic and restorative treatments.

What is tooth decay?

Tooth decay is the physical breakdown of the enamel and underlying structures of the teeth. This usually results from the acid that’s present in plaque, a sticky substance that constantly surrounds the teeth and gums. Regular flossing and brushing usually keeps this acid at bay; however, sugary foods, poor dental hygiene, lack of fluoride, and other factors can contribute to tooth decay which leads to complications such as cavities.

What are cavities?

Cavities, or caries, are tiny holes that form in the teeth as a result of tooth decay. The acid in plaque breaks through the protective enamel, or the hard casing around the tooth, and punctures a burrowing pit into the tooth. If left untreated, the cavity can grow larger and deeper until it impacts the underlying gum tissue, causing intense pain and further dental complications. At Made Ya Smile Dental Rayford, our dentists want to help patients catch the signs of tooth decay early before permanent problems occur.

What are the symptoms of cavities?

In some cases, there may be no symptoms if the cavities are small enough. Common symptoms of cavities may include:

  • Toothache

  • Pain with biting down

  • Black, brown, or white coloring around decayed portion of the tooth

  • Tooth sensitivity, especially to hot and cold temperatures

  • A pit or dimpled impression in the tooth

Can cavities be reversed?

In the earliest stages, tooth decay can be reversed. Once the tooth decay breaks through the enamel, the damage from the decay is typically permanent. With proper dental hygiene habits and regular dental visits, cavities can be prevented and the progression of present cavities may be deterred.

Preventive dental care

At Made Ya Smile Dental Rayford, our team of dentists provide patients and their families with routine dental checkups and professional cleanings to spot tooth decay and damage early, to prevent decay, and to set you up on the appropriate treatment path before symptoms worsen. Patients come to our office and usually participate in a digital x-ray so that we can collect a scan of their teeth and oral structures. After the x-ray, the patients sit comfortably for a professional dental cleaning and possible fluoride treatment. Once the cleaning is finished, the dentist will visit with the patient, review the x-rays, inspect the teeth, and make treatment recommendations based on the current status of their teeth.

Benefits of routine dental visits

There are numerous benefits to participating in regular dental checkups, including:

  • Catching tooth decay early before it becomes an extensive, painful issue

  • Preventing other oral diseases through regular screening

  • Receiving education on how to improve dental hygiene habits at home

  • Reviewing available cosmetic and restorative options to maximize your smile

Practicing good dental habits at home

Patients and their families can contribute to their own dental health by practicing good hygiene habits at home. Consider applying the following tips:

  • Brush and floss your teeth twice daily

  • Use mouth rinse regularly

  • Avoid sugary drinks and foods

  • Avoid hard or chewy foods

  • Use mouthguards for contact sports

  • Attend routine dental checkups and dental cleanings

Where to go to learn more about dental care and cavity prevention

Don’t let your guard down this Halloween season. If you would like to learn more about dental care and cavity prevention and reside in or near Spring, TX, contact our team at Made Ya Smile Dental Rayford and schedule an appointment today.

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