How Can I Treat Tooth Discoloration?

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An individual's smile is frequently the initial trait new people notice, so the state of your smile has a significant impact on how new people see you. When your smile is in bad shape, there's no hiding that. Since this is the case, it's reasonable that cosmetic whiteners are routinely searched for. Even so, choosing the right product is often a difficult, even frustrating, ordeal with such a huge market. Not only that, but one can rarely be sure of a product’s performance or of the risk of detrimental spillover effects, namely enhanced tooth or gum sensitivity.

For stellar results and personal procedures, contact Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX for a visit and an oral care plan that’s positive to create the smile of your aspirations. If you reside in the proximity of Spring, we encourage you to tour our office in Spring, TX.

Enamel discoloration is inevitable

It’s one of those undesirable but inescapable life experiences: teeth lose their pearly sheen forever. They take on stains, even while keeping up with consistent cleaning routines. Daily habits, including that essential mug (or jug) of morning coffee, render your teeth increasingly discolored.

Beyond coffee, other often-consumed drinks, like red wine, sodas, and teas, can stain teeth. Drinks that are acidic, sugary, or both are particularly staining. In addition, intensely colored foods can also affect your tooth coloring. These foods include berries and tomato-based sauces, which are chock full of pigment, along with acid. Additionally, vibrant spices like paprika and turmeric can also impart their coloration to your teeth.

Plenty of pharmaceuticals can also lead to loss of whiteness. These narcotics include a number of extensively used antibiotics, like tetracycline and doxycycline, along with drugs used to treat patients with depression, psychotic disorders, high blood pressure, depression, and even allergies.

Your individual strategy for cosmetic dentistry

We’re enthusiastic to use many trusted teeth whitening systems that are personalized for you. Following a thorough consultation, our oral care experts will establish a whitening system pertaining to your needs, the status of your teeth, and your dental records. And we’ll take a dental cast in Spring, TX to design tailored trays that rest snugly on top of your teeth.

Once you receive your trays, when you return home, just put on your gel-filled personalized trays. You can take it easy as the hydrogen peroxide works to whiten your teeth in as few as 15 – 20 minutes every day, with recognizable brightening in simply 5 – 10 days.

Your personally tailored dental whitening system also provides a few additional perks difficult to obtain in different treatments, specifically those of the generic type. While this is thought of as an aesthetic program and as a result is not protected under insurance, we offer multiple, affordable pricing and payment selections.

Schedule a consultation right now to start your way toward a gorgeous smile

When you get outcomes this simple, comfortable, and reasonably priced, why mess around with mass-produced services? We happily use dependable procedures that lead to outcomes we imagine you’ll find extraordinary, as numerous clients have in years gone by. So, for a dazzling smile, schedule a consultation with the highly qualified dental providers at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX at your earliest convenience, or stop by our facility in Spring, TX.

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