How Long Will the Results of Professional Teeth Whitening Last?

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If you don't have time for sticky whitening strips, it's time to consider safe, fast, and effective professional teeth whitening procedures from the team at Made Ya Smile Dental Rayford in Spring, TX. We can help brighten your smile more effectively than any home whitening kit and give you the best aftercare instructions to keep your teeth sparkling.

Below, we'll look at the benefits of professional teeth whitening and how long you can expect to go between appointments.

How does professional teeth whitening work?

At Made Ya Smile Rayford, we use Zoom! in-office laser teeth whitening procedure, but we can also provide special at-home treatment far better than any drug store alternative.

The first step is a consultation with a member of our team to choose the method that's right for you and ensure your teeth won't be too sensitive to the procedure.

If you are a good candidate for laser whitening, our team will start by polishing the debris off your teeth with a special paste, then rinse and dry your teeth before the procedure. Then, we'll apply a whitening gel, place a barrier to protect your gums and other sensitive tissue, and give you glasses to wear to shield your eyes from the light of the laser. There is no pain during the procedure, but mild sedation options may be available for those with a sensitive gag reflex.

If you get the take-home teeth-whitening option, you'll get a professional-strength whitening gel and a custom-made whitening tray made for your specific bite. This can be used to maintain brightness after laser treatment or as a one-time whitening procedure at your convenience.

How long will I have whiter teeth after my teeth whitening treatment?

While every patient is different, laser treatments can last the longest—even up to five years. However, this requires you to maintain a good oral care routine and drastically cut down on teeth-staining foods and beverages (and assuming you don't smoke).

Foods to avoid right after laser teeth whitening include:

  • Pigmented foods (including jams, jellies, mustards, soy sauce, red sauces, and ketchup)

  • Red meat

  • Black beans

  • Brightly-colored vegetables and berries

  • Any acidic fruits

  • Colored spices like paprika or turmeric

  • Red and balsamic vinegar

  • All candy

  • Sodas, coffee, tea, wine, and fruit juice

Consuming these foods and beverages will severely curb the results from professional teeth whitening.

How do I care for my teeth right after teeth whitening treatment?

In the 48 hours after applying professional treatment, your teeth will be more porous and prone to staining from the foods above. It's wise to avoid all of these foods for at least two days and focus on a diet of white and non-abrasive foods instead, including white fish, chicken, pasta, white bread, rice, egg whites, and potatoes (without the skin). You can drink water and green tea to avoid staining.

You should keep up your dental routine of brushing twice daily, flossing once, and using mouthwash.

Get professional teeth whitening in Spring, TX

If you want brighter, whiter teeth, the team at Made Ya Smile Dental Rayford offers laser teeth whitening and a personalized and professional-level, at-home whitening gel.

To see if you're a candidate for professional teeth whitening, make an appointment at our office in Spring, TX, conveniently located just north of Grand Pkwy near the corner of Rayford and Riley Fuzzel Roads.

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