How to Promote Gum Health Between Dental Appointments

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Oftentimes, the initial factor individuals observe when looking into a mirror is their smile. Yet not so many individuals pay attention to the health of their gums. Ensuring your gums stay healthy is exceptionally crucial to your overall oral wellness since your gums work to help support your teeth. The seasoned dental practitioners at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX inform patients on the importance of keeping their gums healthy at home to reduce the risk of oral health issues, such as gum disease. We invite you to schedule a gum assessment at our dental practice in Spring, TX or read below for tips on keeping your gums healthy between dental appointments.

What causes gum disease to develop?

Gum disease is an infection that occurs if plaque and disease-causing bacteria are allowed to collect around the gumline. Though the condition can be cared for early on and kept at bay, gum disease can lead to jawbone loss and tooth loss without timely and proper care. Periodontal disease has also been connected to other health conditions, like cardiovascular disease. Some of the early signs and symptoms of periodontal infection are lasting bad breath, tender or swollen gum tissues, and bleeding of the gums when flossing or brushing your teeth. Our Spring, TX dental practitioners advise you to schedule a gum evaluation with our team as soon as you develop any of these issues.

Be sure to brush your teeth thoroughly

Making time to brush your teeth properly at least twice a day can help minimize plaque accumulation. At Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX, we suggest brushing after every meal or once in the morning and at night. Doing so can help you to remove plaque and food particles on the tops and sides of your teeth and at the gumline.

Floss in between your teeth every day

Flossing on a daily basis is one of the best means to guard against gum disease. In addition, the ADA (American Dental Association) advises flossing a minimum of one time a day. Flossing helps remove food particles and plaque from in between the teeth and under the gumline. People can select when they wish to floss, but it is particularly helpful following a meal and before going to sleep at night.

Use an oral rinse after brushing and flossing

Additionally, the American Dental Association advises using certain types of mouthrinses to decrease a buildup of bacteria and plaque in the mouth. A rinse can be helpful in eliminating tiny particles and debris from the mouth. Please keep in mind that using a mouthrinse is not a replacement for brushing and flossing your teeth. When you visit us for your oral exam at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX, our staff can let you know which type of mouthrinse is best for your oral health.

Make sure to eat a proper diet

Consuming nutritious foods can heighten your immune system and help guard against oral diseases. Healthy examples of healthy foods include leafy vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. You may wish to find a professional nutritionist for a personalized plan based on your health needs. Additionally, it's also essential to limit the amount of sugar you eat because consuming a lot of foods and beverages high in sugar could elevate the risk of cavities and additional dental conditions.

Protect your oral wellness against gum issues

Monitoring for signs and symptoms of gum disease on a regular basis is crucial, even if you follow every suggestion presented here. We urge you to set up a periodontal exam at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX if you experience signs of gum disease or to find out more about proper oral hygiene. Our cutting-edge dental practice in Spring, TX places your dental health and wellness as our first priority.

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