Is It Safe to Receive a Dental Checkup When Pregnant?

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dental exam during pregnancy

Even though paying attention to your enamel as you're pregnant might very well be the last thing on your to-do list, it remains crucial to keep your best oral health. Our ambition at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX is to develop great connections with people and their families while providing the best care imaginable. At an exam with our team, we can assess your teeth and gums while looking for conditions such as decay, cancer of the mouth, and periodontal disease. Find out more about our thorough oral checkups by getting in touch with a member of our Spring, TX staff for a consultation.

Can pregnancy impact my oral health?

Many women are caught off-guard to discover that being pregnant does affect their teeth, gums, and general oral health. Common oral problems that can develop during pregnancy are:

  • Deteriorating enamel from morning sickness
  • Gum disease
  • Cavities

Do I need to inform the dentist I'm expecting?

Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX patients need to show up every year for oral exams and cleanings, especially while expecting. Bacteria and inflammation around the gum tissues can lead to an infection that brings on different serious health issues. When coming in to talk to our Spring, TX professionals, make sure to discuss this information so our team can personalize your dental exam:

  • Problems like inflammation, swelling, or bleeding while brushing
  • How far you are in your pregnancy
  • Whatever prescription meds you might be taking

Are digital x-rays safe during pregnancy?

In accordance with the American Dental Association, women should not postpone oral care even when they’re pregnant. In most cases, the most reliable way for a skilled dentist to make a correct diagnosis is with digital x-rays. Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX takes all precautions to ensure your radiation exposure is as insignificant as can be. It’s also critical to address that regular dental x-rays generate less radiation when compared to various other activities, such as being on a plane.

Going to your dental practitioner following pregnancy

Your teeth and gums could encounter further changes following birth. Patients need to continue to attend any subsequent dental appointments as advised by our staff. Most treatments that were delayed due to your pregnancy can be taken back up so your enamel and gum tissues can be in tip-top shape. Remember that your baby also should get a dental checkup as soon as their first tooth grows in.

Schedule an oral examination

Most women don’t understand that oral care during pregnancy is a crucial part of prenatal care. Our Spring, TX dentists can keep an eye on your dental hygiene habits throughout your pregnancy and beyond that. If you have curiosities regarding dental exams, digital x-rays, or being pregnant, contact our team at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX.

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