Lifespan of Dental Bridges: How Many Years Could Bridges Endure?

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Approximately 68 – 70% of adults between ages 35 – 44 have lost at least a single tooth because of various reasons, such as an injury or improper dental hygiene. This percentage means more than 178 million adults have lost a single tooth, via data from the American College of Prosthodontists. In the event that you’re one of those who are missing at least a single tooth, it’s crucial that you contact our team as soon as you can. A missing tooth can lead to “trickle-down” issues in the mouth, resulting in further decay and increasing the odds of further extractions. Don't dawdle; reach out to our expert dental team in Spring, TX today! We also encourage you to stop by for a consultation at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX.

What are dental bridges?

Getting a dental bridge restoration requires two sessions. A tooth impression will produce a guide for the best placement of your false tooth. You might be issued a temporary bridge to monitor the fit and ensure that your permanent restoration will fit and complete your smile. As soon as your dental bridge is finished, our professionals will set it in its proper position.

How long could your dental bridge be good for?

Due to your dental bridge, you'll see a nearly immediate improvement in both visual quality and durability. An additional visit may be needed to adjust the fit and guarantee an ideal positioning. Our skilled oral care staff will give you tips for ideal care, consisting of cleaning near and underneath the bridge. Although its durability varies on numerous factors, with great care and regular exams, it may stay intact over a decade.

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When you find yourself holding off due to intense anxiety, take comfort in knowing that receiving a dental bridge is a relatively simple treatment, and contemporary dental advances have made it safer than ever. Additionally, if you’re delaying the procedure because a single missing tooth might not frustrate you, consider that this issue might turn into a significantly more serious concern. Having a missing tooth causes nearby teeth to travel inward to seal the spaces and causing spacing issues throughout the mouth, which can bring on TMJ pain, biting difficulties, and a crooked bite and smile.

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It's not necessary to experience the discomfort and self-confidence effects of losing a tooth; this is particularly true when there’s any risk of additional deterioration to your oral structures. We’d be happy to help patients identify the best answer for them and improve any issues with your teeth and alignment. Contact us today at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX, or visit our dental center in Spring, TX!

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