Signs That You Must Visit a Dentist for a Tooth Crown

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Suffering from oral discomfort may hurt your oral health and mean several conditions. During an oral examination at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX, our Spring, TX dentists will look at your enamel and gums to learn if you could benefit from a crown. A porcelain crown is offered in the event that there is decay and there isn’t a sufficient amount of native tooth remaining for it to perform well. Additionally, crowns could treat a fractured tooth, after an endodontic treatment, and to wrap up an implant. Custom crowns protect the remaining portion of the enamel from being damaged and keep your bite intact.

About dental crowns

Placing a dental crown calls for a couple of visits to our Spring, TX dental care facility. During your first session, our team will take 3D scans of your oral structures and assess the tooth being treated and the nearby teeth to ensure you have sufficient bone tissue to secure the crown in its place. When there are serious cavities, we might perform a root canal treatment. After your exam, we will get an impression so a crown can be fitted for ideal placement. An interim crown is made and set until you come back for your final visit. Our dentist will then replace your interim restoration, cleanse your tooth, and place your crown at this appointment.

Cases that can call for a crown

Our staff helps Spring, TX people at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX determine if a customized crown is required for their oral health. There are a number of potential indications that you might require a crown, such as:

  • Damaging the enamel
  • Requiring a bridge
  • Nighttime teeth grinding
  • Noticing a big cavity

Dental crown longevity

Dental crowns don’t last for good since they will deteriorate over the years. Even still, if you practice proper dental hygiene, they might last many years. For your crown to be long-lasting, it needs to fit well inside of your mouth, which is why our experts perform an x-ray at the end of your following appointment. A suitable home-based oral hygiene regimen that includes daily toothbrushing and flossing, yearly dental screenings, and dental cleanings can allow your crown to stay in good condition for up to 20 years.

Find out the ways a dental crown aims to enhance your oral health

Taking care of your dental well-being is the initial step to having a brighter, more radiant smile. At Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX, our dentist provides people with crowns for many oral care cases. Following a comprehensive evaluation, we can figure out if a custom crown may improve your dental health. To book a checkup and learn if you require a crown, contact our office in Spring, TX as soon as possible.

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