Some Reasons Why Dental Exams are Necessary for Your Dental Health

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Multiple people may be unsure if seeing a dentist twice annually is critical for their oral wellness. However, it's a known fact that without frequent dental examinations and teeth cleanings, your dental health and complete health will be negatively impacted. At Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX, routine visits help by lowering your odds of having periodontal disease with tooth decay prevention. Our Spring, TX professionals understand that to take care of your teeth, you should stop by our dental care facility at least two times annually.

What happens during an oral examination?

To complete an oral exam at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX, we assess your neck, upper face, mandible, and lymphatic tissue. The final portion of your dental exam will include:

  • Checking your gumline for indicators of periodontal disease
  • Checking for any broken or lost teeth
  • Checking your jaw alignment
  • Looking for indications of oral cancer
  • Looking for damage to old dental fillings
  • Taking a 3D x-ray

At our Spring, TX office, we use 3D x-rays to get a more thorough picture of every patient’s dental health. In the event that dental problems are diagnosed early on, you minimize your need for more expensive or invasive therapies later on. Following your dental examination, one of our qualified dental hygienists will perform a teeth cleaning. A dental cleaning is as critical as an oral exam because it keeps your teeth and gums in good shape and minimizes the odds of contracting cavities or gum disease.

Ask us why annual oral exams are critical for your oral health

We know of a number of benefits to having a dental exam every year, like:

  • Detecting gum disease as soon as possible
  • Taking care of throat or mouth cancer quickly
  • Caring for less serious dental wellness conditions quickly
  • Addressing teeth clenching
  • Treating various other health complications
  • Going over excellent oral hygiene techniques
  • Examining your jaw and teeth for issues
  • Making sure your teeth and gums are free of buildup

Discover more information about the good effects of having oral exams

At Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX, we encourage individuals in Spring, TX to arrange routine dental exams. This lets our talented dental team identify and care for dental health issues soon before they end up worse. When dental health concerns are disregarded, they could impact your overall wellness. While putting off a dental appointment might not seem like a big deal, dental wellness issues, such as gum disease, might form and become more severe quickly. To schedule an oral exam, call our professional staff.

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