Tips to Do If You Have Gum Bleeding

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When you notice a tiny amount of blood from your gums following brushing, you may assume that it's no big deal and shrug it off. Scenarious such as improper brushing, pregnancy, injury, and tender gums might contribute to periodontal bleeding. Additionally, it can be a symptom of gingivitis. To identify the cause of your bleeding gums and figure out the appropriate solution, reach out to our dental practitioners at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX. If you have bleeding and inflamed gums, call our Spring, TX facility today to arrange a gum evaluation with one of our dentists.

Methods to stop gum bleeding

Bleeding when you brush or floss your teeth might be a symptom of a serious condition. Inflamed, sensitive, and puffy gum tissues can be caused by gum disease, resulting from inadequate plaque removal or improper dental health techniques. Discovering the cause of bleeding gums with a dental expert is important when identifying which procedure is required. In the meantime, we will review some easy techniques to care for bleeding gums from our skilled team at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX.

  • Cleanse with warm salted water or hydrogen peroxide: In the case that bleeding gums emerge due to an injury to the mouth, clearing the blood away using lukewarm salt water can eradicate harmful bacteria to decrease your chances for developing a dental infection. Individuals may also consider rinsing with hydrogen peroxide, but it's important not to swallow.
  • Monitor your intake of vitamin K and C: Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that reinforces internal ligaments and defends the lining of your gums, while vitamin K is a crucial mineral that allows your blood to congeal. When you are lacking one or the other, you can try eating certain vegetables containing these all-natural antioxidants or get supplements.
  • Practice excellent oral hygiene: If you don't brush your teeth often, tartar could build up around the teeth and gumline. When buildup is not removed, it, over time, could result in bleeding gum tissues, periodontal disease, or decay.
  • Stop using tobacco: Smoking both increases your odds of heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer and has also been associated with periodontal disease. Using tobacco could influence your body's immune system, making it more difficult to protect against bacteria in your mouth and lead to gum disease.
  • Eat minimal carbs and sweet treats: Research has indicated that monitoring your carbohydrate ingestion can also decrease your chances for periodontal disease and boost your dental health. Sweet treats and carbohydrates promote the formation of bacteria and plaque in the mouth.

Reach out to our team when you need to see a dental professional or periodontist in Spring, TX

People must visit a professional in the event that their gums don't recover after one week of trying these helpful techniques. People could need an oral exam and biannual cleaning to get rid of buildup to let their gum tissues recover. At Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX, we offer comprehensive dental cleanings, gum therapies, and scaling and root planing (SRP) for individuals with bleeding gum tissues or gum disease. To learn more information, get in touch with our professionals or book an exam at our Spring, TX office.

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