What Are the Best Ways to Keep Your Oral Implants in Good Shape?

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Regular home care is crucial for the continued health of your dental implants. Despite how often you floss, the majority of patients still find tiny bits of food wedged under their dental implants. This may be an annoyance and cause avoidable problems, like periodontal disease. In the event that you're experiencing trouble with your dental restorations, we encourage you to contact the dental care experts at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX. We are pleased to provide help to make sure your implants are doing great. In this post, our Spring, TX team goes over different tips for caring for this common situation.

How will dental implants impact the foods that I eat?

Individuals with tooth implants may worry about things they can eat without issue. The wonderful news is that no food is off-limits. Dental implants act exactly like real teeth and may consume different types of foods without trouble.

What if food gets wedged underneath my restorations?

Dental implants use a biocompatible material that blends with the jawbone. A crown or bridge is then positioned atop the metal rod, producing the look of an actual tooth as it has a firm seal on your gumline. Since dental implants are fixed in place along the gumline, it's difficult for food particles to end up wedged underneath them. Still, it is not impossible if the crown was placed incorrectly. If you believe anything is abnormal about your implant, get in touch with Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX for a checkup straight away.

Making use of tools like a water pick into your everyday techniques

A member of our team in Spring, TX can show you ways to clean and care for your new implants as soon as they have been set. Flossing and brushing two times daily is the most sure way to preserve your oral wellness. Many patients like to use a water flossing tool at home for more difficult debris. These devices are available in most drugstores, and easing them into your dental routine is quick and simple. When you have bits of food stuck under your dental implant but cannot remove it, we invite you to contact our Spring, TX facility for further guidance.

It's crucial to make sure your dental implant is free of debris

If food particles are left wedged between your implants or around the gum tissues, you may begin to see sensitivity and redness. Food particles should be removed immediately, or you may develop gum disease or another issue. Our dental implant specialists advise men and women to learn more about their implants and the most reliable ways to make sure they're clean. Our professionals are always eager to help you with your questions regarding your oral wellness.

Improve your dental health when you receive dental implants

Tasks like chewing and talking may be difficult in the event that you are missing teeth. Oral implants are the sought-after way to replace the hole in your smile and ward off potential concerns, like periodontal disease. If you strive to find out about dental implants or have concerns about caring for them, reach out to Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX for an exam today. Our practice in Spring, TX is excited to let you receive a hygienic and luminous smile for life.

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