Why Fluoride Treatments Might Reinforce Your Tooth Surfaces

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Present in a number foods and beverages, fluoride is a mineral that possesses multiple dental advantages. This mineral improves the tooth’s framework and helps the teeth be more resistant to decay. It also is beneficial for those with baby teeth or feeble teeth and can target tiny regions of decay that have recently developed. Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX provides effective fluoride procedures for our Spring, TX patients to elevate their dental wellness, regardless of their age.

Generally, fluoride is essential for children in between the ages of half a year and 16 years because this period is when a lot of the permanent teeth come in. However, men and women might reap the benefits of fluoride treatments as well. At our office in Spring, TX, we understand that these treatments are as essential in reinforcing new teeth as they are in safeguarding against cavities.


Many aspects of fluoride have an excellent effect on the enamel, such as:

  • Curbing the absence of minerals in the enamel
  • Decreasing instances of tooth decay
  • Preventing harmful bacteria growth
  • Reinforcing compromised enamel

Fluoride is usually present in water, as well as in small quantities in different foods. Even though your teeth are constantly exposed to fluoride in the food and beverages you consume, it's improbable to take in a substantial quantity of fluoride in food and water alone.


Applying fluoride to the teeth could be performed using two techniques: topical or internal. External placement helps individuals of different age groups, while the other is more suitable for kids because their permanent teeth are growing underneath the gumline. At Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX, oral fluorosis applications are conducted twice a year after an in-depth polishing and evaluation. The cleaned teeth are then dried, and the fluoride is placed and left on the surfaces for a maximum of four minutes at a time. To ensure that the substance totally penetrates your teeth, you may be told not to consume food or drinks or smoke cigarettes for at least half an hour after your oral fluoride treatment.

This mineral is also ingested in water. As soon as it's consumed, it journeys through the body and the teeth develop. Kids who drink water composed of little fluoride might need a prescription to make sure their teeth emerge properly.


All individuals require a specific amount of fluoride based on their chances of experiencing cavities. When you practice an adequate home-based dental hygiene routine and stay away from sugary and acidic food and beverages, your chances for developing cavities may be reduced. When it comes to toddlers, in the event that a large amount of fluoride is taken in, teeth can be dented or stained. This problem is known as enamel fluorosis and could cause small milky stripes or spots on the tooth surfaces. Although it’s not ultimately damaging, it might result in the essentiality of cosmetic dental treatments.

Adults who ingest a large quantity of fluoride might be more prone to discomfort or bone breaks, often known as skeletal fluorosis. This may potentially lead to discomfort and damage to various bones and junctures. In case you’re curious about your fluoride levels, call our highly trained team in Spring, TX.


Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX offers oral fluoride treatments for Spring, TX patients. Our dental care experts might perform a detailed dental evaluation to decide if fluoride treatments are good for you. In the end, the benefits of fluoride are great for most patients because it reinforces your enamel while lessening your odds of developing tooth decay. To find out more about dental fluorosis services, or to set up an appointment at our Spring, TX practice, contact our staff today.

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