What Issues Require Same-Day Emergency Dental Care?

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No one in the Spring area wants to think about anything harmful happening to their teeth, but there’s always a chance you may encounter a dental emergency. If you find yourself in an urgent dental situation, you will need same-day care for your teeth to relieve any pain or discomfort. Our dentists at Made Ya Smile Dental Rayford of Spring, TX provide emergency dental care for knocked-out teeth, broken teeth or restorations, loose crowns, and other mouth injuries.

Here are a few reasons to reach out to us at Made Ya Smile to rectify any dental emergency.

Persistent toothache

If you have a consistent toothache that will not go away, this is a sign of prompt dental care. An injury to the tooth may expose the dental pulp and blood vessels, which can trigger intense pain and discomfort. Our dentists can check your tooth and remove any decayed tissue triggering the pain. We can also fill the opening to protect the overall structure of the tooth.

Knocked-out tooth

At Made Ya Smile, our dentists can also restore a knocked-out tooth. Your tooth can be saved if it gets back in its place not long after the accident. Be sure to keep the tooth moist before you arrive at our office. Keep it in your mouth next to your cheek while getting the tooth to stay as firmly in its socket as possible. You can also keep the tooth in milk to preserve its tissue. Whatever the case, avoid touching the tooth by the root, as doing so could damage the tissue.

Chipped or cracked tooth or filling

A chip or crack in a tooth could result in further damage and tooth loss if not resolved soon. Collect any broken tooth pieces you can find and rinse your mouth with warm water, then contact us at Made Ya Smile for an emergency dental appointment.

You can also contact us if your filling is cracked or otherwise becomes loose. Tooth damage can lead to a filling becoming loose. We can clear out the old filling and apply a new one as necessary.

Infected or abscessed teeth or gums

An abscess can build in a tooth due to bacterial infection. The infection can spread to the gums and cause harm throughout the mouth. If not resolved, infections can also enter your bloodstream and trigger more significant health concerns. We can clear your abscess and complete a root canal to remove the decayed or infected tissue. We can also prescribe antibiotics to prevent the further spreading of bacteria.

Damages to dental crowns, bridges, or implants

A crown, bridge, or another dental appliance that has fallen out or is damaged will require emergency treatment. While you can try to temporarily put a crown or implant back in its place with toothpaste, you’ll have to contact a dentist right away to resolve this concern.

Contact us today to resolve your dental emergencies in Spring, TX

The risk of a dental emergency is dramatic, and such an issue can lead to further harm if not treated soon enough. You can visit our dentists at Made Ya Smile Dental Rayford in Spring if you have a dental emergency. Visit our website to schedule an appointment for help today.

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