Determine The Most Effective Procedure Options To Treat A Chipped Tooth

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A number of oral issues such as tooth pain, broken teeth, or a knocked-out tooth require prompt care from an emergency dental care provider. Even if the enamel that shields your teeth is usually stable, it can be fragile. Our dental practitioners in Spring, TX perform comprehensive oral treatment if you require it. At Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX, our staff works to efficiently address a damaged tooth to take care of the pain you’re suffering from.

Frequently, people might not even feel that a tooth has been chipped after an accident. An injured tooth could or may not have oral pain accompanied with it. Either way, if discomfort accompanies the hurt tooth, it should be treated as soon as possible. At Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX, we offer in-depth oral exams to determine any damage from your injured tooth. As soon as we learn about the extent of damage, we will produce a customized treatment plan to improve your smile quickly and efficiently.

As soon as you realize you've broken a tooth, you should contact an experienced dentist in Spring, TX immediately. Usually, you don't require prompt care if you aren't in extreme pain. However, if you do feel severe pain, urgent care should be provided in order to fix the oral issue. Leaving a cracked tooth untreated could case major pain, an infection, or the need for more extensive and costly procedures, such as endodontic therapy.

Determining the most effective procedure for each case is our staff's top goal. At Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX, our dentists evaluate your unique dental health situation. Depending on the size of the break, we can provide tooth caps, bonding, or an endodontic treatment. If a substantial piece of the tooth breaks off or has a high level of damage, we could even out part of the enamel and cover it using a crown. Your appliance is individually made to fit over the whole tooth based on your teeth alignment, which makes it a reliable alternative.

To repair minor areas, as well as to seal a tooth, dental bonding and contouring may be offered. It is an effective treatment that doesn’t need topical anesthesia. The exact composite resin used for dental fillings is implemented during the bonding procedure. Our dentist will start by applying a bonding material, which is followed by the tooth-colored resin. When we mold the resin to provide a seamless look, our team will utilize a curing light to harden the bonding. Our dentist will then refine it for a clear finish.

When a break is sizable enough to expose the pulp of a tooth, a root canal could be required. Endodontic treatment is done at our Spring, TX office by eradicating the decayed inner chamber and thoroughly cleansing the canals. The treated tooth is usually sealed using a crown.

The professional staff at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX is happy to provide prompt oral services. Our patients in Spring, TX understand that we are here to help relieve them of all dental pain. Whether your issue is a cracked tooth or a more serious complication, we can restore your teeth using innovative restorative dentistry services that are suitable for your overall wellness.

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