What Type of Foods Can I Consume Following a Tooth Extraction?

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eating after dental extraction

Having a tooth removed may be recommended when you have significant tooth pain. Whether your teeth are overcrowded or a wisdom tooth is threatening your oral wellness, you may have to take out the tooth to protect the rest. Our staff at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX in Spring, TX can guide your through the extraction treatment.

One specific question we get often about a dental extraction is regarding the different food options people may have following your operation. The food you are able to have will be determined by how long it has been since the extraction. The reason for restricting your diet is because the removal location needs to clot to stop bleeding, which prevents the area from becoming infected. The blood clot formed in the area needs careful care to keep your healing time prompt.

What can I expect during the first day?

Patients are able to have beverages and smooth foods on the first day following the treatment. Check to see that your meals don't have too much acid or heat so you don’t hurt the extraction area. Stop using all straws, because the suction you produce could loosen the clot and lead to a problem known as dry socket. You could put a cold compress on the outer skin around the mouth, but avoid placing it right on top of the tooth extraction location in the mouth.

During the first week

You may change to different foods as your recovery goes on. Although, you still need to eat soft and lukewarm foods if it's possible. Mashed potatoes, oatmeal, and soft pastries are some of the most common foods to eat during this period. Chew the foods on the other end of the mouth, not near the extraction site, to reduce the risk of affecting the clot.

After the first week

It will likely be easier for you to move on to various hard foods around seven days following the tooth extraction. You can consume foods that are a bit more acidic and higher temperature in this stage. Be sure that you’re cautious while chewing and that you continue to eat on the opposite side of the mouth.

Foods and habits you should avoid after a tooth extraction

Our oral care staff at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX instructs patients to avoid some foods throughout the first week after the extraction. Stop eating food that is high temperature or crunchy enough to hurt the extraction site. You must also cease alcohol consumption while being prescribed meds because this might negatively influence how effectively the medicine works. You will probably be fully healed from the extraction in approximately 2 – 3 weeks. After this, you can resume your normal diet.

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