Common Reasons You Might Be Developing Red, Swollen Gums

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In most cases of bleeding gums, it's frequently caused by plaque deposits at the gumline. Buildup harbors harmful bacteria that can infect the healthy tissues that surround your teeth. As plaque accumulates, the gum tissues become red and irritated. This can ultimately lead them to bleed and bring about a stage of periodontal disease referred to as gingivitis. At Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX, we can perform periodontal maintenance cleanings to manage the first phase of gum disease. Our highly qualified Spring, TX team is here to take care of your oral health and answer all of your queries about gum disease.

Many different issues could lead to the development of bleeding gums. The leading causes of bleeding gums are gingivitis and periodontitis. Some vitamin and mineral deficiencies have been tied to bleeding gums as well. Individuals who wear dentures could notice bleeding if their dentures fit too snug. In this case, see your dentist to get a suitable adjustment.

Further, gum disease has been associated with underlying health conditions, including diabetes types 1 and 2, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. For this reason, it’s vital to not disregard your bleeding gums. Periodontitis is connected to many serious health problems, like the heightened chance of cardiac disease, stroke, and pregnancy complications.

Patients could be more at risk for having gum disease in cases where various genetic or behavioral factors are concerned:

  • Genetics
  • Age
  • Smoking
  • Anxiety
  • Bad oral hygiene

Often not a cause of discomfort for most patients, gingivitis is a less-harmful stage of periodontal disease. In this phase, bleeding gums might be your only side effect. A few other indications of gingivitis might consist of:

  • Unsecured teeth
  • Swollen, bleeding, or tender gums
  • Changes in bite alignment
  • Foul breath

Gingivitis is quite easy to treat and can be eliminated with a thorough cleaning of the gums and teeth at Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX. However, if left not taken care of, gingivitis could turn into periodontitis and, at some point, lead to missing teeth.

If neglected, plaque buildup can result in the gums separating from the enamel and, in severe cases, gum regression. When this gum recession intensifies, pockets could form near the oral structures. Harmful bacteria may get trapped inside these pockets and then attack the gums and bone that keep the teeth in place. This circumstance may cause bone deterioration and tooth loss. Painful abscesses and tooth drifting can also occur.

At Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX, we do deep cleanings, referred to as SRP, or scaling and root planing, for patients with bleeding gums and gum disease. When you notice indications of gum disease, it's important to have your whole mouth looked at by our knowledgeable team. Managing gum disease could call for several visits in order to avoid more costly procedures later on. Scaling and root planing treatments are performed to eradicate bacteria, plaque, and tartar accumulation under the gumline. For a deep cleaning, our dental professionals will utilize a scaler to remove this buildup. After this, we smooth the enamel to eliminate any areas where bacteria can hide and lead to an infection. This nonsurgical gum disease treatment may address inflamed gums and stop various other dental conditions, like missing teeth.

Made Ya Smile Rayford, TX is pleased to offer the most efficient treatment methods for your bleeding, tender, and red gum tissues. We aim to treat the starting phases of gum disease to help individuals avoid more advanced stages that demand more costly procedures. Our qualified staff will carry out a detailed oral assessment to determine whether or not you have periodontal disease and, if so, how serious it is. Once your situation has been assessed, we can fix your gingivitis by performing scaling and root planing in addition to periodontal maintenance cleanings. To schedule an appointment to treat your bleeding gums, call our practice in Spring, TX as soon as possible.

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