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What Is a Root Canal?

With routine screenings for tooth decay and damage, it's often possible for our restorative dentist to treat problem areas as early as possible with fillings or other restorations. Once bacteria spread to the internal portion, or pulp, or a tooth, infection occurs and a root canal will likely be needed to save the tooth from extraction. At Made Ya Smile, we offer root canal therapy. This is an endodontic treatment that is used to remove infected pulp tissue within the tooth, sterilize the root canals, and seal off the area. With this care, we can help patients with pain coming from the infected tooth and restore health and function. Early treatment with a root canal is ideal to prevent the infection from entering your bloodstream and affecting your general health.

Our patients sometimes have anxiety over having a root canal procedure due to concerns over their comfort during care. At Made Ya Smile Rayford, our highly skilled team routinely performs root canals and understands that many people have some anxiety about visiting the dentist. To support the needs of our patients, we offer sedation dentistry options for your comfort during your appointment. We will also effectively numb the tooth and surrounding areas to allow you to have your treatment without worrying about feeling pain. Do not hesitate to call us if you think you made need a root canal or are experiencing a toothache. The friendly team at our Spring, TX office will be happy to help by scheduling an appointment so you can learn about this procedure and our sedation solutions. With early treatment, you can minimize the risk of a tooth extraction or of needing more extensive dental care to return health to your smile.

What Are the Benefits Of Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy can be an effective way to save a tooth that is deeply infected. Root canal therapy is often performed when decay nears the tooth root. Some benefits of root canal therapy include:

  • Prevent infection from spreading
  • Prevent jawbone deterioration
  • Improve your ability to chew and consume food
  • Improve the appearance of the affected tooth

What Are The Signs That a Root Canal Needed?

Do I need a root canal? If you have a large cavity, decay that reaches the pulp (center) of the tooth, physical injury or trauma to a tooth, or a cracked or fractured tooth may all signal you need a root canal. Early treatment for these conditions can minimize damage and may help simplify your overall treatment needs. Some signs to look for that may be an indication of the need for a root canal can include an aching tooth or jaw, pain, swollen or discolored gums, bumps on the gum, or a gray or discolored tooth. 

How Long Does a root canal take?

In general, most root canals can be completed in about 30 minutes to an hour. We can determine if you need endodontics for an infected tooth during your treatment consultation. At that time, we will review the procedure and administer sedation if needed. These sedation options include nitrous oxide (laughing) gas or oral-conscious sedation. Your tooth and surrounding tissues will also be numbed to ensure a comfortable procedure.

After you are numb, we will create an opening in the tooth and thoroughly remove the existing infection from within the pulp chamber and canals of the tooth. Once complete, we will add filling material in order to rebuild the internal structure, strengthen your tooth, and restore function to it. Until your tooth fully heals, a sedative filling will be in place. You will receive post-op instructions to help you understand how best to care for your tooth during the recovery phase.

Recovery After Root Canal Therapy

If you opted for oral-conscious sedation, a responsible adult will need to drive you home after your root canal therapy is over. Some minor swelling or discomfort in your gums and face will likely be present for a few days following your procedure. During your healing process, we recommend cold compresses and non-prescription pain relievers to minimize these symptoms and keep you comfortable. To treat the infection and keep it from affecting your overall health, we may give you a prescription for antibiotics. Once the infection is fully resolved, a permanent restoration will be placed in order to seal off the tooth and ensure that it functions properly and looks as seamless as possible in your smile. After a root canal therapy, your tooth will be more susceptible to breaking, as it is no longer vital. Often, a dental crown is required to strengthen and protect the tooth from future damage. The Made Ya Smile team will monitor the health of your treated tooth when you come in for your routine dental cleaning and exam visits.

Are Root Canals Covered by Insurance?

Depending on your plan, your dental insurance may cover root canal therapy. We will speak with your provider to find out your coverage limits before starting your treatment and let you know of any estimated out-of-pocket costs. We take pride in working with our patients at Made Ya Smile to find a treatment option that fits their needs and their budget. To that end, we accept several payment methods and can give you information about flexible options through special medical financing.

Root Canal Therapy FAQ

Is root canal therapy painful?
Prior to your root canal treatment, we will numb your tooth so you should not feel much discomfort. If you do experience any discomfort, it can be likened to that of a filling.

What are the alternatives to a root canal?
There aren't many alternatives to root canal therapy aside from removing the tooth in question. Our team does not suggest this option as it could cause issues down the road.

How long do root canals take?
Your root canal at our Spring, TX office should typically take between 30 – 60 minutes. There are some things that impact how long this will take, including the size and location of the tooth, which could make it last a little longer.

Modern Endodontic Treatment

Advancements in dental techniques and sedation dentistry have made root canal therapy an easier, more comfortable process. To save you from the need to undergo more extensive and costly procedures, it's important to treat your infected tooth as soon as possible. Our highly trained dentist wants you to be comfortable during every procedure you have at our Spring, TX family practice, even when you need endodontics for an infected tooth. To find out how a root canal can benefit your oral health and function, schedule a consultation with our friendly, compassionate team today.

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