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What Are Athletic Mouth Guards?

Children and adults both commonly play sports as a part of a healthy, active lifestyle. It can be fun to engage in physical activity, but it's important to protect your smile as you do. Our dentist recommends wearing an athletic mouth guard while playing both contact and non-contact sports. Basketball, football, boxing, wrestling, baseball, and hockey are just some of the sports activities that can increase the risk of trauma or injury to your teeth, gums, and jawbone. It's possible for weight lifting and jogging to increase the strain on your jaw joints and bite. Our custom-made mouth guards are crafted for a comfortable fit to help reduce your risk of oral injury and keep your smile healthy. If you or someone in your family loves playing sports, reach out to Made Ya Smile Rayford in Spring, TX to see if a personalized mouth guard is a good option for you.

Who Is a Candidate for Athletic Mouth Guards?

Able to significantly decrease the risk of oral injury, especially in sports with lots of physical contact, custom mouth guards help protect overall oral health. These appliances are designed to fit comfortably between the upper and lower arches of the mouth and cover the gums and teeth for optimal protection. Mouth guards are made of high-quality materials, designed to last much longer than those widely available at sporting goods stores.

It can be especially beneficial to wear a mouth guard if you or your child wears braces or has fillings. Mouth guards can help minimize harm to the teeth and tissues and protect the integrity of prior or current dental and orthodontic work. If you experience blunt force trauma to the face while playing sports, your smile can be seriously damaged without protection. Each mouth guard is custom made for every patient to give you a comfortable, secure fit. It's a good idea to wear a mouth guard when playing any sport where there is a risk of passive or active injury to the mouth, such as football, martial arts, hockey, lacrosse, wrestling, basketball, weight lifting, boxing, track and field, baseball, and even yoga.

How Are Sports Mouth Guards Made?

At your mouth guard consultation, our dentist will examine your jaw and teeth to identify the right mouth guard for you. Impressions will be taken of your upper and lower arches and we will make models of your mouth. Our lab will then create your custom mouth guard based on these images and models using top-quality, durable materials in the color of your choice. After your guard has been fabricated and returned to us, you will return for a fitting to ensure it's comfortable. At that visit, our team will give you instructions on storage, cleaning, and maintenance of your mouth guard.

How Can I Care for My Mouth Guard Appliance?

It's important to wear your mouth guard every time you engage in sports to protect the appearance of your smile and your overall oral health. Many injuries occur when patients opt to not wear their mouth guard during physical activities. Because of this, we encourage you to wear your mouth guard every time your teeth and gums are at risk of injury or trauma. Proper care and maintenance can help keep your mouth guard in good condition for many years. You should clean and store it properly after each use to make sure it can do its job to protect your smile. We ask that you bring your mouth guard to your biannual cleaning and dental exam visits so our dentist can monitor its fit and condition. When it's time for a new mouth guard due to growth, loss, or damage, we can take impressions and create a new appliance.

Are Mouth Guards Covered by Insurance?

Some dental plans provide some coverage for mouth guards. We will review your benefits options prior to beginning treatment. If you do not have insurance or have out-of-pocket costs, we offer several payment methods at Made Ya Smile. We also accept third-party financing through low-interest CareCredit® plans.

Custom Mouth Guards for Sports

If you frequently engage in sports, whether contact or non-contact, our dentist can recommend a mouth guard for you that protects your smile when needed. With a custom mouth guard, you can focus on having fun and reduce the risk of tooth and gum injury. Call us today to learn more about custom mouth guards or schedule your consultation at our Spring, TX office.

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