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What Are Metal Braces?

A proven method for realigning the teeth and jaw for better oral function and a healthier smile, traditional metal braces have come a long way over the years. This orthodontic treatment is now lighter and more comfortable for patients of all ages to wear. Our dentists at Made Ya Smile Rayford is experienced in all phases of orthodontic care. During treatment, bracket and wire systems gently move your teeth until the ideal positioning is reached. An affordable and convenient option, traditional orthodontic braces are a viable solution for many patients, including those who are not candidates for clear removable aligners.

Each patient will receive a customized orthodontic treatment plan from our dentist to address their unique aesthetic and functional issues. Adults, children, and teens who undergo treatment with braces today have a more enjoyable experience than in years past. Today, brackets and wires are smaller and elastic ties and rubber bands come in a wide variety of colors to show off your personality. If someone in your family needs braces, or you need an orthodontic consultation for yourself, reach out to our friendly multi-specialty Made Ya Smile Spring, TX practice location.

Who Is a Candidate for Traditional Metal Braces?

Using a system of metal brackets, band, and wires traditional metal braces gently guide your teeth into their proper alignment over time. Each patient requires a different, unique plan and our skilled dentist will work to optimize your biting and chewing function, speaking ability, smile aesthetics, and jaw comfort as a part of your orthodontic treatment. High-quality stainless steel archwires, brackets, and bands are positioned by our specialist on your teeth to create a smile that is attractive, straight, and healthy. Traditional braces can suit patients who have simple orthodontic needs and also those who need more involved, phased care. Whatever is needed, our dentist is pleased to work closely with patients to create a personalized treatment plan for every smile.

Patients may good candidates for traditional metal braces if they have orthodontic issues, such as teeth that:

  • Are crooked/overcrowded
  • Are rotated, tipped, or turned
  • Are protruding
  • Have gaps between them
  • Have an overbite, an underbite, a crossbite, or an open bite

How Are Braces Applied?

It's quick and simple to place your new traditional metal braces. We use advanced digital x-rays and 3D cone beam scans of your teeth, jaw, and head at Made Ya Smile to ensure we know the best course of treatment for your family's needs. We will also take impressions of your upper and lower arches so our dentist can investigate how your teeth fit together and use that information to guide proper tooth movement. When you arrive for your first orthodontic treatment, we will create a clean surface on your teeth so your brackets will attach well. Your brackets will be held in place by a clear or tooth-colored bonding material applied to each tooth. Once they are in place, a metal archwire will be threaded through each bracket and securely attached with elastic ties. You can feel free to choose the elastic colors that fit your preference. Our team will work with you to schedule convenient follow-up appointments at our practice. Typically you will return for a tooth alignment evaluation or a change in your archwires about once per month.

What Can I Expect During the Braces Treatment Process?

It's common to experience minor soreness after we place your braces and every time we change your wire. Soreness can be alleviated with over-the-counter pain relievers and by eating soft foods following your appointment. Meticulous home care is required because brackets, bands, and wires create plenty of spaces for plaque, food, and bacteria to accumulate. To maintain optimal health for your teeth and gums, we recommend brushing and flossing immediately following each meal. Our team will show you effective ways to practice your home care efforts around the metal hardware and may suggest adjunctive tools to help improve your oral health. It's important to continue to visit Made Ya Smile Rayford for your biannual cleanings and exams so you can maintain a healthy smile during your treatment with orthodontics.

Most patients will need to wear their braces for around 1 – 3 years, depending on what is recommended by our dentist and team. During continuous follow-up appointments, we will be better able to estimate the length of your orthodontic treatment and make any necessary adjustments. After our experts have determined that your teeth have reached their final position, your braces will be removed and impressions will be taken in order to create your custom retainer. In order to maintain your new smile, it is crucial that you wear your retainer as instructed by our dental team.


Many patients experience difficulties caused by brackets, wires, or elastic ties coming unattached while wearing braces. To minimize the occurrence of these problems, we recommend that you avoid eating hard or sticky foods. Contact us right away so we can schedule a repair as soon as possible if you or your child experiences an orthodontic emergency. Several orthodontic problems can be addressed at home while you wait for the opportunity to have your braces fixed. Here are a few common issues patients experience when wearing braces:

Discomfort/Pain in the teeth or jaw: Often, soreness in the teeth or jaw will occur after the initial placement of your braces and when you have your archwires changed. Typically, this soreness can be handled with over-the-counter pain medication. We also recommend warm saltwater rinses as an at-home treatment for inflamed gum tissues.

A wire has become loose: You can try gently pushing a loose wire back into its proper place with a pencil eraser, Q-tip, or tweezers. Fingernail clippers or wire cutters cleaned with rubbing alcohol can be used to clip the wire directly behind the tooth it is attached to if you are unsuccessful at guiding it back into place. Another option is to cover any uncomfortable portion of the wire with orthodontic wax or sugarless gum.

A bracket or band has become loose: For loose brackets or bands still connected to the wire, we recommend you leave it in place until you come into our office. If you experience discomfort or sharpness from your loose orthodontic work, you can cover those problem areas with orthodontic wax or sugarless gum.

A loose appliance: Space maintainers or palatal expanders that become loose require reattachment as soon as possible. Use orthodontic wax to hold the appliance in place temporarily until you can return to our office.

A wire that is poking your gums/mouth: If a wire is poking your gums, cheeks, lips, or tongue, you can cover the sharp end with orthodontic wax or sugarless gum. If necessary, you can use wire cutters or fingernail clippers disinfected with rubbing alcohol to clip the wire behind the tooth where it attaches.

Are Traditional Braces Covered by Insurance?

Some dental plans cover a portion of the cost of orthodontic care. We will contact your provider and go over your options for treatment and any out-of-pocket costs with you during your consultation. Made Ya Smile Rayford is proud to work with most PPO dental plans and can file your claim for your convenience. Our team offers a number of payment options to help your family receive orthodontic treatment that fits within your budget. We are also happy to provide information on treatment financing through low-interest options with Carecredit®.

Traditional Metal Braces FAQ

How long will I have to wear braces?
When our patients get braces at our Spring, TX office, they generally can expect to have braces for 1 – 2 years. This will vary based on needs and goals, of course; however, we always aim to provide our patients with the quickest and most efficient treatment we can.

What foods should I avoid when wearing braces?
When you have metal dental braces, there will naturally be some foods that you should steer clear of. That is because hard and/or sticky foods could break the wires or brackets of your metal braces. We'll go over what foods to avoid in detail; however, a few common foods to avoid include:

  • Gum
  • Caramel
  • Nuts
  • Hard candy
  • Pretzels
  • Popcorn
  • Carrots

Do traditional braces work the same as clear teeth aligners?
Metal braces and clear aligners both work by applying pressure to the teeth in order to guide them into their correct or ideal position. When trying to decide if metal braces or clear aligners, such as Invisalign® treatments, are right for you, we'll take into consideration such things as your oral needs, your aesthetic goals, and your lifestyle in general.

Traditional Orthodontic Care

A straight, healthy smile and all the benefits it brings can be within reach with traditional metal braces. Lighter and far more comfortable than in previous years, today's braces still provide the quality results patients of all ages need. To begin your family's journey toward gorgeous, confident smiles, schedule a consultation with our experienced dentist today. Made Ya Smile in Spring, TX is the premier location for comprehensive general and specialty dental care and can tailor an orthodontic plan to suit your family's smile needs.

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