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What Is Periodontal Treatment?

Our goal at Made Ya Smile Rayford is to provide comprehensive, high-quality care for your entire family. Though periodontal (gum) disease is a common concern, it's also a serious issue. Caused by harmful bacteria that reside in the plaque in on your teeth, this oral concern develops when these bacteria produce a toxin that breaks down your gum and bone tissues. Teeth may loosen after a certain amount of tissue is lost, and these teeth may require extraction. Daily brushing and flossing can help minimize the effects of periodontal disease, but patients who suffer from it require specialized care to prevent it from progressing and restore health to their smile.

Biofilm is produced when certain bacteria combine with food and plaque to form a sticky coating on the teeth and gums. Once plaque hardens into tartar, it can further harbor bacteria and cause issues with with gum health. Special instruments that reach below the gumline and clean your tooth root can fully disrupt the biofilm layer and remove tartar from the teeth. A periodontal consultation with our periodontist can determine if there are any areas of gum disease in your mouth. After your consultation, our team can recommend a nonsurgical or surgical technique depending on your unique needs if you have an active gum infection.

If you're experiencing bleeding gums, red or swollen gums, bad breath, and gum recession, you may have gum disease. These signs and symptoms can be more effectively treated by our Spring, TX multi-specialty practice if they are caught early. Call us today and schedule a visit with our periodontist. Early diagnosis and treatment can minimize permanent damage to your jaw and oral health.

Who Is a Candidate for Gum Disease Treatment?

It's possible for you to have gum disease and not be aware of it, because the signs and symptoms may not be obvious. At Made Ya Smile, we screen every patient for gum disease during their annual dental exams. Gum disease affects more than just your smile. It has been linked to several systemic health problems like heart disease and diabetes. By identifying the condition and getting treatment immediately, you can preserve your oral health and reduce the risk of your gum disease-causing concerns to develop throughout your body. Typical symptoms of gum disease are swollen or bleeding gums, gum tenderness, chronic bad breath or bad taste, and a receding gumline. As the disease progresses, tooth mobility, pus, and bone loss in the jaw may occur. All symptoms of gum disease are abnormal and need an early evaluation from our team.

What Is the Gum Disease Treatment Process?

Gum disease occurs in stages including gingivitis, periodontitis, and advanced periodontitis. The severity of your condition will determine what kind of treatment our periodontist will recommend for you. Home care and more frequent professional cleanings may clear up gingivitis. Periodontitis may need antibiotic therapy combined with nonsurgical scaling and root planing. Surgery may be required in cases of advanced periodontitis.

To understand the details of your condition and plan for your best outcome, we will take digital x-rays to determine the amount of bone supporting your teeth. A special ruler will help us measure your periodontal pockets (spaces between your teeth and gums), which are the places that harmful bacteria cause the most damage. Gathering the information from your x-rays and pocket readings will let our periodontist diagnose your condition and customize your gum disease treatments for your specific needs.

What Can I Expect After Periodontal Care?

Following your periodontal treatment, your recovery process will vary, depending on the type of treatment you receive. At our Spring, TX facility, our Made Ya Smile Rayford team will give you recommendations and instructions for care after your treatment. A crucial part of your recovery will be at-home oral care, and to help you reach your ideal oral health, we will make specific suggestions and show you ideal brushing and flossing techniques to improve your gum health and help you enjoy your smile. Additionally, we suggest that smokers and tobacco users quit as soon as they are able as these substances can make it difficult to recover from your condition and may increase your risk for oral cancer and other health concerns.

Our dentist and team may suggest a periodontal maintenance program for you to facilitate ongoing gum and bone health after we complete your treatment for gum disease. These periodontal maintenance visits are scheduled every 3 – 4 months, at which time we will perform an in-depth cleaning of the teeth above and below the gums, comprehensive dental exams, and we will closely monitor your periodontal pockets. With these cleanings, you will receive the specific periodontal care you need to better manage your oral health with gum disease. Additionally, periodontal maintenance cleanings will be performed instead of biannual prophylaxis procedures.

Does Insurance Cover Gum Disease Treatment?

We accept most PPO plans at Made Ya Smile, and many offer some coverage for gum disease treatments. Before we begin treatment, our team will reach out to your provider to review your coverage benefits and find out if you will have any out-of-pocket expenses. Care for gum disease is an important part of not just your oral health and smile. Periodontal treatment helps support your overall health, too. We will be sure to go over your personal cost for this treatment, and we want to help make this care as affordable as possible. This is why we accept several flexible payment options and provide information on financing with CareCredit® low-interest plans.

Gingivitis and Periodontitis Treatments

Though it's a common concern, the effects of gum disease can be minimized through early detection and appropriate treatment. Our highly trained periodontist has expertise in treating all stages of gum disease. Without treatment, this condition can cause your jawbone to deteriorate, lead to tooth loss, and produce dangerous effects for your general health. Let the Made Ya Smile team in Spring, TX screen you for periodontal disease right away. Call our family dental practice and schedule your appointment with our periodontist to start the journey to better gum health as soon as possible.

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